cropped-edeksphotoslogo.jpgSince 2016 my focus has been street photography in various forms. The challenge for me is to embed myself in a scene and to capture people in the moment being uniquely human.  My street images represent ground truth and are presented with minimal editing usually to color and contrast and sometimes with cropping.

Earlier work dating to the 1980s includes a variety of subjects and I remain attached to my older images even though I like to think that I have become a better photographer. Some of my earlier work includes travel and fine art.

Apropos of my street photography focus, my cover image is a photo looking north up Ashland Avenue at the 2500 block in front of the house where I was raised in Chicago. It was taken in 1945, the year I was born. When I restored the image I was amazed by the detail available in the old black and white negative.

I am flexible about allowing my images to be used, but you must contact me for permission.


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