films and photosDocumentary films and photos are media that I love to produce. For several years, that was manifested in my street photography. My broader perspective led to documentary film and photo. Contemporary equipment thankfully lends itself to both.


At the moment, I am producing live streams for the Jaffrey Civic Center in New Hampshire. In addition, I am producing a documentary artist interview series for the Arts League of Lowell.  Travelogs based on my bicycle tours are a popular feature of my bicycle touring channel on YouTube.

For more details on my film work, see my Film and Video page.


Ed Wojtaszek Films and Photos
Self-portrait reference to the 1978 Elvis Costello record album.

Street photography is a core interest of mine. I usually take my camera with me on bicycle tours, vacation travel, and dedicated photo hikes. My purpose is to capture unique images of people that suit the style that I have developed. Many of my images  are humorous, but empathetic. Sometimes I like literary, art, or music references in the images and image titles. On the documentary side, I have embedded in protests in Boston and I have attended large events, capturing people at their best and sometimes at their worst.

While I am currently doing a lot of filming, I continue to exhibit my photographic prints in local art exhibits. I have done solo photography shows as well. My street photography has achieved recognition in several exhibits and I have published an article on street photography. For more information, check out my Filmmaker and Photographer page as well as my Street Portfolio.


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