Street Photography Sites

Magnum Photos – One of the founders of Magnum was Henri Cartier-Bresson who is considered one of the originators of the art of street photography. The photographers who belong to Magnum are among the best in the world. It is especially good as a street photographer to study their works since many of them are either documentary photographers or photojournalists, disciplines that are closely allied with street photography. You will also find exceptional street photography.

Street Photography – It features a number of founding members with excellent portfolios that are featured on the site. There are editorials that explore topics of interest to street photographers. One of the founding members is Richard Sandler and I enjoy studying his work since his is a more documentary style.

Urban Street Diving –  This site promotes street photography by hosting selected series of street images as well as interviews with the series artists. Submissions are encouraged and there is no cost for submitting a series. Submissions are done by email. The site is founded and managed by Andreas Ott of Bonn, Germany. He seeks series that are captured over a limited time period and at a specific location.

Urban Picnic Street Photography – Images on this site are curated and managed according to a hierarchy. From highest to lowest the hierarchy includes Featured, Street Photography, and Image Pool. Images remain in the Pending category until promoted to one of the three levels and while pending they are not displayed on the site. Selection of images for various levels of recognition is done by site curators based on stated criteria and not all pending images are selected. Submissions are done using an account user interface on the site. Artists can create an account and submit images for no charge.

Processing and Printing

Bumblejax Print Lab – This has become my favorite lab. Their color prints are stunning.. Black and white prints on metallic paper show almost no magenta cast. There are a number of cost-effective mounting options. Dibond(R) and Gatorfoam(R) prints have either cleat or wire hanging options. Dibond(R) and Gatorboard(R) prints also feature either a matte or gloss laminate coating that protects the print. They have been willing to do some custom mounting to 3/16″ Gatorfoam(R) for me that reduces my cost for speculative show prints. Bumblejax also has many acrylic print options and other mounting options such as aluminum, canvas, and wood. Their prices are very good.

Digital Silver Imaging – Black and white prints are made using a laser silver gelatin process that provides true whites and preserves the contrast of black and white images. The cost is regarded by some as high, but there are few other ways to get a true black and white print. There are techniques using ink jet printers, but they all fall short in some regard, for example magenta cast or droplet pixelation. They offer Ilford resin coated or fiber papers in many sizes. As of this writing there is a promotion offering 8×10 prints on each of the  two papers, which I recommend so that you can compare the results for a sample image before ordering prints for display.


Lou Jones –  While not strictly a street photographer, many of his images have a strong street feeling. He is probably the most successful photographer that I know who is strongly associated in with street photography. In addition to his web site, Lou Jones also has a YouTube video that I think is very enlightening for aspiring street photographers. Lou Jones is based in Boston, Massachusetts.