About Me

Two of my favorite things are cycling and photography

I classify myself as an “advanced amateur” photographer. This is after many humbling experiences in both the amateur and professional arenas. Still, I love photography and have for a long time. Lately I have become interested in gallery exhibitions and print photography. My home gallery is the Arts League of Lowell. Most of my images have origins in street photos that I have taken and street photography remains my major focus.

The primary cameras that I use are a Nikon D750, an Olympus PenF, and a Lumix GF1. I use the D750 when I need to handle low light or use speedlights. I also have a greater variety of lenses to use with it from ultra-wide angle to 70-200mm zoom. On the other hand, I only have one lens for the PenF, an M. Zuiko 25mm f/1.2 lens that I love for shooting on the street. The Lumix is a great  expendable camera that I take on my bicycle tours. I paid $100 for it on eBay. I’ve taken some prize-winning photos with the Lumix.

The software suite that I use includes Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Most of my editing is done in Lightroom CC because I mostly have simple needs. Street photographs usually are presented with minimal editing to preserve the accuracy of the moment. Many competitions require much more artistic interpretation and for those I use Photoshop CC. Photoshop CC has a lot of promise and I continue to improve my editing and artistic skills using the software.

I received First Place and Honorable Mention for two of the three prints that I entered into the Exposed 2017: Shadow Play exhibition at the Arts League of Lowell. Several of my digital images have been accepted by international exhibitions. My work, some licensed by Creative Commons, has been used by non-profit organizations and I was a featured artist in the February 2017 issue of the online Literary Orphans magazine.

I am a member of the Arts League of LowellProfessional Photographers of America, and the Photographic Society of America.

My bicycle touring blog is Edek’s Attic.