Film and Video

Film and video are getting more public attention than photography these days. In selecting my cameras for photography, film and video capabilities have been important considerations. Production of live and recorded content has become an important part of what I do.

Targeting smaller sized productions, I have added equipment for both studio and site video. Currently, my gear can support up to four camera angles and multiple microphones. My site gear includes portable stage lighting.

Live Streaming

I am producing Stories to Share, Season Two, for the Jaffrey Civic Center in New Hampshire. The first stream of the series for the 2022-23 season was a presentation by author, Ernest Hebert. The stage lighting, audio, and video equipment belong to me and I set it up for each event. The venue does not have in-house capabilities for these needs.

Documentary Interviews

An ongoing project is my series of interviews with local artists, Focus on the Artist. These can be seen on the Arts League of Lowell YouTube channel. I am starting a new series of interviews with interesting and locally important people in the community and my first was with Levenia Furusa, Executive Director and founder of a Lowell food pantry.

Other Film Work

During the pandemic, I produced art show videos for the Arts League of Lowell. My work included the photography, editing, narration, video production, and publishing. The shows include My Favorite Place and The Pastel Artwork of Roland Cosby.

I am an avid bicycle tourist and my bicycle touring channel on YouTube is EdeksAttic. The size of my subscriber base qualified my channel for a custom URL. My most popular cycling videos are the travelogs for the Great Allegheny Passage (over 40,000 views) and the Great Allegheny Passage and Chesapeake & Ohio Towpath (over 20,000 views). I did a documentary of the ten days after I broke my femur on a bicycle tour in September, 2021. There are also bicycle maintenance and product review videos on my channel.