Boston Chinatown

Took a cloudy day trip to Chinatown. I’ve lived in the Boston area for 30 years and never took the time to walk around there before. It is an oddly Chinese enclave in the heart of Boston. I happened to pass Mary Soo Hoo park where I saw people playing Chinese Chess or xianqi.


My Favorite Photo from Head of the Charles 2016

This image looks kind of like an epic Viking battle. Both boats were trying to pass under the BU Bridge on the Charles River with very heavy tailwinds. The one on the left made some bad decisions and needed to avoid a bridge piling. In the process they almost nailed the boat on the right. The high wind conditions limited their options. Pretty exciting.


A Gallery Plugin

Lately I converted to Gallery by Supsystic for image galleries on this WordPress site. It has a nice built-in light box feature for viewing individual images. When a user clicks on a gallery image, it is displayed in a light box that pops up in the foreground. User controls allow paging forward and backward through images as well as closing the light box to return to the gallery. Another advantage is that the pages display seamlessly on handhelds such as iPhone and iPad and look great. The plugin has lots of options that I have not begun to explore.